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Tips to Choose the Right Prints

Are you on the lookout for clothing items with prints and patterns? Here are a couple of things to do before you start loading your shopping cart. 

Scan Your Wardrobe!

Taking a good look at what your wardrobe consists of should help you pick out your prints wisely. If you have got tons of plain tops in solid colours for instance, it should be quite easier to figure what to look for when you shop for those lovely prints. If you have got a ton of white tops and blouses, it gets even easier shopping for prints.

After all, there isn’t anything that does not go with white, is there? However, if you’ve got pieces in solid colours like brilliant yellow or turquoise on the other hand, you’d want to look for prints that feature these specific colours so you can style yourself in an outfit that looks properly put-together.

Know What Suits You Best

Have there been times when you had borrowed a pair of printed pants or a printed summer dress because you don’t have any? If so, it gives you a great chance to realize what suits you best. These were probably the times you actually realized how amazing you look in animal prints or in big, bold florals, or that narrow, vertical stripes are just the right thing for your slim figure! It is always a good idea to actually know which ones you should go for straight away – it saves you time and energy, and spares you any hassle while you shop.

Learn How to Style Up

Ideally, you would get familiar with styling options before you start shopping, and not after you’ve shopped. When you know some of the best styling methods that you can opt for, it becomes easier for you to picture the look in your head while you are checking out clothing at the store. This is something you should be doing when you shop for clothing every time, irrespective of the type you are looking for.

If you wish to look for bright patterned tights for instance (look up ‘patterned tights Australia‘ on the internet)make sure you look up styling options and tips, too.If one styling tip involves wearing them with a pair of ankle leather boots and a plain, loose tee for instance, and you don’t have one or any of these items in your wardrobe, you can shop for it all at same time so you have a complete outfit ready in your closet, which you can get into when the right occasion arrives. Again, this spares you the time and hassle of hunting ‘pieces and parts’ to complete an outfit that you have in mind. 

Follow the Fashion Rules

When it comes to fashion, you could have a million fancies and preferences, and it’s only fair that you do. Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind the general fashion rules; what to do and what not to, and the mistakes to avoid at any cost, which are all laid out by the best fashion experts. For instance, experts say that extra-large prints should be avoided by those with skinny, lean bodies. Try going against this rule and you’ll regret it instantly!

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