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Tips and Tricks for Sewing Machine Newbies

Learning how to sew takes time and effort. There are different ways to sew things. You can do it manually with a needle and thread or use a sewing machine to make things easier and faster. Learning how to sew using a sewing machine requires a different kind of skill than doing it manually.

You need to know more about the machine you have – how to use the different settings and features it has. Aside from that, you also need to learn how to match fabrics and needles properly so you won’t ruin your sewing project. If you’re still new to using a sewing machine, here are some useful tips to keep in mind.

Use the Same Threads

Unlike manual sewing using a needle and thread, you need to use two threads when sewing using a machine. One thread goes on the top of the fabric while the other one goes under the fabric and is sewn together to form strong stitches. When choosing threads, always use the same thread on the top and bottom to achieve uniform stitches and prevent problems like jamming, breaking, and uneven tension.

Do Lots of Practice

While it is tempting to go directly into sewing projects, doing lots of practice before starting a project helps a lot in improving your stitches and mastery of using the sewing machine. Newbies can start practicing on printed paper just to get the hang of it.

You could then start practicing on spare fabrics to master better control when handling real fabrics. After some time of practicing, you could get started with your first sewing project. Choose ones that are meant for beginners such as these easy download women’s pants pattern and other simple sewing projects.

Prep the Fabric and Thread before Sewing

Scrunched up fabric is harder to handle and could lead to crooked stitches on your project. Before sewing, it helps a lot if you iron the fabric first to flatten it, making it easier to handle and sew. Aside from that, it is also important to hold the threads and pull it towards the back when starting the first stitches to avoid tangling in the machine’s mechanism.

Take it Slow

Learning a new craft is exciting and it’s natural to want to operate a sewing machine fast just like professionals do. However, if you’re still new to sewing, it is best to slow down when handling a sewing machine.

Newer models of sewing machines already have a speed control button which allows you to set the maximum speed for better control during sewing. You could also control the pedal barefoot for better sensitivity when it comes to controlling the pedal’s speed.

Operating a sewing machine is challenging at first. You have to learn how to control and manoeuvre smoothly to achieve even and smooth stitches. If you’re still practicing your sewing machine skills, those tips would surely save you some time and hassle of having to correct errors and issues while doing your sewing project.

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