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The Advantages of Different Types of Flooring

When we talk about carpets, a large shag rug will be placed in the centre of any room, even if it has wood flooring. Why do we usually turn to carpet for inspiration? There’s no doubt that carpet can add a sense of cosiness and warmth to any area. Is it the one thing that brings a space together and gives it life? The carpet’s colour and pattern may also be used to set the tone and design of the entire space. Comfort and suppleness underfoot are other advantages. You don’t have to be concerned about your child tripping and breaking your expensive porcelain vase. So, what are the other types of flooring anyways?

Floors made of high-end vinyl

One of the most popular flooring solutions today, LVT and LVP give a beautiful aesthetic with even better advantages. A tile-sized LVT and a plank-sized LVP are two different types of flooring. It is possible to glue-down or float Luxury Vinyl, which is made up of many layers. Since it has a natural appearance with ten times the durability, Luxury Vinyl’s appeal has skyrocketed. It is easy to clean, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and quiet when walking on it. No, I don’t like the idea of having wood in my bathroom. The answer is there in front of your eyes!


Delete the mental image of laminate countertops in your great kitchen. Laminate’s performance and appearance have improved over the previous decade. A sustainable wood product, laminate flooring in Geelong is made by reusing material that would otherwise go to waste in the fabrication of hardwoods. This contributes to its environmental narrative. For a tenth of the price of real wood flooring, laminate may provide all the benefits you desire. The new floor is scratch, dent, and water-resistant, and it’s also a wonderful option for a budget-conscious buyer!


It’s no secret that tile is one of the most long-lasting floor coverings available. Nonetheless, did you realize that they also provide several important advantages? If you’re looking for an easy to maintain and low-maintenance flooring option that’s resistant to germs, is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and allergen-free, tile is the way to go. Bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms and even the patio may be decorated with tile! Tile offers cooling while carpet provides warmth. If you tend to overheat, or you live in a hot environment, consider installing tile in your home. The variety of colours, patterns, and styles available in tile is a major selling point. A room’s colour and character may be amplified with the use of tile.

Multi-Layer Flooring with a Rigid Core

WPC and SPC are the two primary types of multi-layer flooring available (SPC). Rigid LVT flooring with an expanded/foamed polymer core is represented by WPC products. Cushioning and noise reduction are both provided by the foamed core. As a hard surface like an 80-ounce plush carpet, WPC products provide warmth and comfort. Rigid LVT with a solid polymer core is classified as SPC. The mineral-filled core of the subfloor offers further resistance to denting. SPC, like a 26-ounce loop carpet, is long-lasting and wear-resistant.

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