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Spice Up Your Bachelorette Party with A Pen and Paper

If you are planning your bachelorette party or planning it for someone else, you might want to make it different from other bachelorette parties that you have already attended. Of course, you still want it to be steamy with the help of a gorgeous man (or men!). So, what entertainment could you offer the guests that is different from the usual?

How about a private party with a naked male model where you and all the guests paint him while sipping champagne? Intrigued? Continue reading to find out about this different bachelorette party that is more subdued but still raunchy.

It’s not that embarrassing

Thinking about it, you might feel that it is embarrassing compared to having a male stripper entertain you and your guests, not to mention you might be feeling insecure with your drawing or painting capabilities. But girls party life drawing bachelorette parties are increasing in popularity because most attendees enjoy the activity.

If you or you know one of the attendees would undoubtedly giggle when a naked man is standing in front of her, no need to worry since the staff would make everyone feel comfortable and at ease as soon as you and your guests are within the venue. Plus, champagne and other alcoholic beverages are served to calm the jitters. Although, don’t be too inebriated or you might not be able to enjoy the painting/drawing session since you’re already seeing double.

Don’t worry if you can’t really draw

The purpose of the activity is to celebrate you or a friend who is about to get married so don’t stress too much about the fact that you can’t draw because you are just there making memories. Besides, before the session, you would be taught some simple drawing techniques that could help even the most novice painter or illustrator. Just find a technique that works best for your abilities.

It’s a “tamer” bachelorette party

Not all women who are about to get married would prefer to have a male stripper for their bachelorette party, or some of them might be embarrassed since their future sister-in-law or other relatives for that matter are part of the bride squad and would prefer to not have a rowdy celebration in the presence of these family members.

Still, incorporating an activity with a gorgeous male is a tradition for any bachelorette party. Having a drawing bachelorette party including a gorgeous model is an excellent compromise. The model is also fully okay with being naked or if the bride or the guests would prefer him to be a little modest, he is also happy to comply. In this scenario, the bride is still able to have a semblance of a risqué bachelorette party but still acceptable to all her guests.

Have a different bachelorette party that would stand out from the rest. It would also be an all-inclusive party even for your more conservative friends. Not only would this be a night to remember, you might even realize that you have a knack for the arts and you could be a budding artist.

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