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Simple Skin Cancer Prevention Tips to Follow Everyday

The little things can always cause a big change. As for skin cancer, there are many little things you can do that could truly help minimize your chances of developing a condition.

Know When to Seek the Shade

Avoiding the biggest cause is always the key, no matter what the disease. As for skin cancer, keeping out of the sun is like the foremost thing to do. According to experts, it is essential to try your best to minimize or avoid exposure between 9am to about 4pm throughout the day. Keep in mind a little exposure frequently can still lead to bigger skin damage. 

Avoid Getting Sunburnt

It can be tough preventing sunburns at times. Some may have lifestyles that make it difficult to avoid exposure to the sun, let alone getting sunburnt. Those who engage in frequent fieldwork and sport are prone to unhealthy exposure and sunburns. Nevertheless, it is always advised to avoid such activities whenever there is a possibility or when you have a choice. 

Cover Your Body

Work on the right types of clothing and accessories whenever you are exposed to the sun. This way, you get to avoid direct exposure, at least, and it certainly is extremely helpful. Use breathable clothing that covers up your body whenever you can. Consider using UV protective eyewear/glasses. Also, a hat with a broad brim is almost mandatory!

Use Sunscreen Right! 

There are a couple of things to focus on while using sunscreen if you want it to work effectively. Firstly, pick a good and safe product with the right SPF values. Secondly, you need to see that you follow proper instruction of use.

Ideally, you would apply a fair amount all over your body at least 30 min before you go out. You might need broad spectrum sunscreens with a higher SPF if you are going to be exposed to the sun for longer hours, such as when engaging in sport. The third thing to keep in mind is to store your sunscreen properly so it stays good as long as it should. 

Examine your Skin

Experts urge you to examine your skin every once in a way – once a month or so. Make time to take off all your clothes and examine your body thoroughly, so you can spot changes if there are any. If you notice marks, or changes in your existing birthmark or so, you would want to see an expert without delay.

You never know, doing these self-examinations may help prevent potential problems and even save your life! Look up skin cancer check Sydney to find centres close to you, just in case you’d think of visiting them to get a few things clarified. 

Schedule Visits to Your Dermatologist

In addition to self-examination, experts recommend visiting a dermatologist at least once a year so they would examine your skin more deeply. This again, is never a bad idea because the benefits are numerous. Apart from just cancer, a general examination of the skin will give you a chance to detect other problems, too, if any. Thus, always see that you have these visits scheduled, and do not fail to make it on time!

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