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Reasons to Use Timber Crates for Packaging

Timber crates can be used for packaging and shipping products all over the world. They are generally used for heavy and bulky items. But it can be used for so many applications. There are also other materials for shipping crates such as plastic and metal. There are many companies that provide timber crates, pallets and bases for transporting products.

When looking for packaging options, you can read the blog of a packing solutions company to get an idea of what should be prioritised. You should elect something that is strong and solid when it comes to transporting goods from one place to another. And timber is an ideal candidate for this. Timber crates can handle heavy loads that go up to about 4 metric tonnes. This is why it is the preferred method for shipping bulky furniture and heavy machinery. And as the wood is quite strong, it protects the contents within from damage. There can be vibrations and shocks during transport and the timber crates will keep the contents in place without getting damaged. There is a sturdiness to timber which is why it has been used in the packing industry for such a long time. You can choose different types of timber based on the nature of the delivery. And you will not need to repair timber crates often as they tend to be quite durable and strong. And even with some damage, you will be able to repair it and have it back to its normal strength.

Most of the time, products are stacked on top of each other when they are transported. This allows you to transport more items and make maximum use of the shipment. Transporting more items within one shipment can actually help you save money. And timber crates are perfect for stacking which will allow you to do exactly this. The crates can withstand the weight of multiple crates even when stacked on top of each other during transit. And compared to other packing solutions, timber crates will improve ventilation for the products and maximise utility. The ability to stack multiple crates vertically is one of the reasons that timber crates are so popular in the shipping industry. This makes it ideal for any mode of transportation.

Safety is very important when it comes to shipping products. Cardboard boxes can be opened during transit and they are prone to theft more when compared to timber crates. Timber crates are solid, strong and durable which makes them ideal for securing the products from theft no matter how long the journey is. Cost is a big factor when it comes to selecting packaging solutions. And timber crates are a cost-effective option that many businesses use. You can recycle these and also repurpose them. And if you are a company that has an eco-friendly concept, wooden crates are a great option to consider when reducing your impact on the environment. But you have to check with the packing company how they source the timber for their crates and the distance from the source to their factory.

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