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Reasons to Use an Air Pump for Your Aquarium

Air pumps are a commonly used accessory in an aquarium and there are different specifications of pumps as well depending on the volume of the tank and its nature. Air pumps are used to pull air in the atmosphere into an air stone that is then released as bubbles into the water.

Fish need dissolved oxygen to breathe and some of the air bubbles will be converted to dissolve oxygen when it agitates the water. It will also allow carbon dioxide and other gases to be removed from the aquarium water. The water surface at the top is disrupted and broken by the air bubbles which will increase the gas exchange between the atmosphere and the water.

The air stones will be placed at the bottom of the aquarium. There are some other accessories that you will require for the air pump such as the check valve, tubing, connectors, and the gang valve. Clear plastic tubing is used to connect the air stones and the air pump. In some situations, the air pump is connected to bubble bars. There is a standard size for the tubes. When you select an air pump, the diameter of the tube should match what is specified for the pump.

Check valves will make sure that the water moves in one direction only. Sometimes, there can be a backflow when the air pump is located below the aquarium. When there is only one available outlet provided by the air pump for airline tubing, you can use a gang valve when you need more connections. There are many reasons to have an air pump. If your aquarium has a smaller volume, you can use a small air pump. If you are planning to have aquarium decorations to be powered by the air pump as well, then you may need a bigger capacity. The main reason that people use air pumps is to aid in aeration.

It will introduce more atmospheric oxygen to the tank and this is good for aquatic species that require a well-aerated tank with good water circulation. You can use air pumps for smaller tanks as well because most devices that will contribute to surface agitation are large in size. Many aquariums use a filter or a powerhead to increase dissolved oxygen in the water by causing surface agitation. Air pumps are beneficial for aquariums where there are aquatic species that can’t handle strong water current.

You will see air pumps mostly in freshwater tanks because a lot of marine species require a strong current. There are also battery-operated air pumps that you can buy to be used in case of a power outage. There can be adverse effects to the aquatic animals in the tank when aeration of the water comes to a standstill in the case of a power outage. You can keep several battery-operated air pumps at hand to ensure that the aquatic species can survive during the power shortage. Air pumps also allow for filtration.

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