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How to Use Tissue Paper Around the House?

Tissue paper is generally associated with gift wrapping but these are so versatile that you can use them for multiple uses around the house. You can find creative ways to use the tissue paper along with many practical uses as well.

When it comes to decorative purposes, you can use tissue paper for many craft projects

You can create paper roses and flowers in different colours when you are creating a personalised gift or decorating the home. These roses can be a great way to add a personal touch when you are gifting and it can be a cost-effective solution as well. All you need is some floral wire, tissue paper, a pencil and a pair of scissors. You can stack several sheets on top of each other which will decide the fullness of the rose and you can then fold the paper in an accordion style.

The ends can be cut into rounded or pointed shapes depending on the look you are going for and a piece of floral wire can be used to create the centre of the rose. You can shape the petals using your fingers or a pencil. A stem can be added to the rose using floral wire. You can create a bouquet of flowers in this way and use it to decorate gifts.

You can use acid free tissue paper to line cartons in order to preserve valuable items. Some of the items you can store this way are china, jewellery and collectables. The tissue paper will act as a cushioning barrier so that the items will be protected from chips and scratches. You need to have a few layers of tissue paper between the items.

And if you have something particularly fragile to store, you can wrap this individually with tissue paper and then place them in the storage box. You can do this to store seasonal decorations. When gifting, you can add some tissue paper as box filler. Instead of seeing the gift right away when opening the gift box, the recipient will see decorative tissue paper hiding the present which will add an element of surprise. You can have the tissue paper in strips instead of a sheet to add some decorative flair. It will also help keep the gift in place.

Tissue paper can be used for organisation around the house

You can store delicate items like lingerie or silk scarves in tissue paper. You can use this to store silverware as well so that tarnishing can be reduced. In addition to storing delicate items, you can even use tissue paper to care for delicate items on a daily basis. You can have leather shoes or handbags stuffed with tissue paper when not in use so that their shape can be retained.

This will also absorb any moisture inside without damaging the item. You can polish delicate jewellery with tissue paper so that oils, fingerprints and dirt can be removed. There is much you can do with tissue paper in addition to just using them as gift wrapping material.

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