How to Prevent Cardiac Arrest?

The simplest thing to avoid such heart problems is by following a healthy lifestyle. People with coronary artery disease should be monitored carefully.

These are little information about the sudden cardiac arrest. Always take care of you heart; it’s a vital organ in our body.

How to Help Someone During a Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

All of us would have at least seen the scene of doctors doing CPR (cardiac pulmonary resuscitation) on someone. This is an emergency situation and it requires emergency medical attention or it can lead to death. We’ve seen doctors use a machine to give electric shock to people to get back to life when they are unresponsive.

These are defibrillators. Few decades ago these devices were just limited to medical professionals and hospitals. These days there are AED defibrillator, also known as automated external defibrillator. These machines are present in schools and public places. It’s also best to buy one for your house. There devices are low in weight and user friendly, you don’t have to be a medical professionals to use this device.

If you have cardiac problems it’s always good have such devices at home. You are always at a risk of getting sudden cardiac arrest, get advice from a doctor when selecting the best defibrillator for you.

The Use of the Defibrillator

It’s used with CPR when someone is unresponsive due to problems in the rhythm in the heart. Our heart performs is function due to the passing of an electric signal. When there are problems in this signaling system there can be irregular rhythms, these are calling arrhythmias. These arrhythmias can cause the heart to beat too fast or too slow. This can sometimes cause stopping of the heart or sudden cardiac arrest in people. Defibrillators provide high voltage current to restore the electric activity of the heart.

How to Use an AED?

If you find someone irresponsive and suspect sudden cardiac arrest you can use a one.

Steps To Use:

Check for the breathing and pulse of the person

If you cannot detect pulse and the person is not breathing call for emergency help. If there are two people one can call for emergency while other prepare the AED.

Switch on the device. This device will give the voice commands and you just have to follow them. These will provide information on how to place the electrodes on a body of a person and also how to appropriately check pulse and breathing.

Give the shock. These devices can measure the rhythm of the person after the electrodes are in place. These devices will only provide shock if the person actually needs a shock. If the person needs a shock, no one should be in contact with the person while this process. While delivering shock everyone has to stand away.

Perform CPR. CPR should be done after delivering the shock. These devices will also guide how to perform CPR on a person.

Where to Find Such Devices?

Police officers and ambulance staff will always carry these devices. It is also recommend having such devices in public places like malls, offices, sports clubs, gyms and flights. Most commonly the sudden cardiac arrest takes place at home it’s recommend to have such devices at home. Make sure to learn more about cardiac arrest and you can save lives in an emergency. You don’t always have to be a medical professional to help save some their life.

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