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How to Plan an Economical Bathroom Renovation?

Kitchens and bathroom renovations always tend to increase the resale value of a home. But you need to consider the cost of these renovations. Bathroom renovations can be quite expensive so you need to understand what you are planning to achieve from the renovation.

There are ways of saving on a bathroom renovation such as being careful about the materials you select. But make sure that you consult with bathroom experts regarding which materials are best recommended in terms of durability. You need to plan the renovation from beginning to end. A good plan and a carefully created timeline can help you stay within budget throughout the project. Once you have a plan, you need to stick to it. Changing the plan in the middle of the renovation can be an expensive decision. Think about what you want your new bathroom to be and what is wrong with the bathroom currently. Maybe the fix is something that is not very expensive. If you are happy with the layout you have now, you will be able to create an economical plan to update the finishes of the bathroom. You can look for sales or seasonal offers.

If you want to change the layout of the bathroom, then it can be quite expensive as you will need to change the plumbing and therefore the electrical layout. Also, you will need to redo all surfaces of the bathroom. Make sure that you spend enough time comparing prices of the surfaces such as tiles. Think about the bathroom fittings and the light fixtures that will need replacements. A full bathroom remodelling will have changes to the plumbing, bathroom fittings, electrical wiring, walls and foundation. So this can be a costly affair. But you can simply refresh the look of the bathroom by changing the colour of the walls, tiles, flooring and lighting of the bathroom. Doing these changes can impact the appearance of the bathroom significantly.

You can also add more storage under the sink or look into more storage solutions that can be added to the bathroom. Some of this can be done on your own. Think about the cost of a DIY project and using professionals to do the job. But if you don’t have much experience with this, it is best to go with a professional so that any issues from improper workmanship can be avoided. If there is work such as relocating plumbing, this should only be done by a trained professional or you may incur more costs in fixing what you have damaged.

Some of the things that you may be able to do on your own will be painting the walls, tiling, adding accessories, installing new lighting and replacing showerheads and taps. But you need to remember that the more you can reuse existing fittings, the more you can save on the project. You can change the look of an existing fitting by having it cleaned professionally and repairing surface damage. You can also replace less costly items that will change the look of the bathroom dramatically. For example, you can change the wash basin tap instead of replacing the wash basin which will be quite costly.

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