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How to Keep Your Product Safe During Shipping

Packaging is how you can set yourself apart from the competition. But when you are shipping the product, you need to make sure that the packaging materials and the design is able to hold up well and keep the contents safe. The experience of unboxing the product creates an impression on the customer and it will help them remember your brand.

Shipping can be a stressful time for your product so you need to make sure that it is delivered safely to the customer. You have to be efficient when it comes to selecting packaging. You have to consider the nature of the product you are shipping. If it is fragile, you will need to have some additional padding that will cushion the product in the event that the package is knocked about or dropped. Some of the materials used for cushioning are foam, cardboard inserts, bubble wrap and packing peanuts. You can also include your company ethos in the packaging; if you are a sustainably motivated company, you can select eco-friendly shipping packaging to reassure your customers about your commitment to the cause. It is best if the product fits neatly within the box without having too much air pocket as this will cause it to move about within the box. To make sure it stays in place, you can use air pillow packaging. By removing unwanted space within the packaging, you can increase efficiency and this will reduce your shipping costs as well as the volume of the packaging is reduced.

The safety of the products will depend entirely on the box you choose to pack it in. This will also present a better impression to the customer. You have to consider the specifications of the product and which materials can help protect it better. Choosing customised boxes that can be modified according to the product size, weight and other specifications will be a good investment as you don’t need to worry about spoiled goods arriving at the destination. This way, you are protecting the image of the company and giving the customers a high quality service. You will need to carry out some research and testing to ensure that the right box is selected. There are packaging experts you can select for this and you can replicate similar conditions the box will experience during shipping to see how it will fare.

There are so many different types of packaging materials you can find. But you have to choose what is appropriate for the product so that it arrives safely at the destination. For example, you will need to take steps to ensure fragile items are delivered safely by using bubble wrap and air cushions. Some products will require storage under certain temperature conditions. You can use gel packs instead of dry ice. You have to think about how the box will be sealed. To ensure that the packaging doesn’t break during shipment, you have to use heavy duty tape. For temperature sensitive products, you will need to use pressure sensitive tape that has industrial strength.

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