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How to Design with Rustic Style Furniture

Rustic style is a timeless design theme that makes you instantly comfortable in a space. It is a more casual theme and it is great for homes that are created to be natural havens. Rustic designs have a lot of exposed wood and neutral colours. You can check out some of the rustic décor that people have done by searching online to see if it is something you will like for your own home.

A rustic style has a lot of rough textures and accents. You will see a lot of natural materials exposed. Many rustic furniture are made of solid wood. So you will not see much plywood in a rustic themed home. And the comfort of the home is a priority when designing this so you have to consider plush upholstery for the furniture you have in the living room. The solid wood will be an element that peeks through and ties the theme together. When it comes to the colour palette, the rustic style leans towards natural and earth tones. The finishes are natural as well. You will not see a lot of colour in this design. The earth tones you use will match with wooden furniture. And the wood textures you see are generally rough and more or less unfinished. You will not see much perfection when it comes to rustic style. And that is where the charm of rustic style stems from. However, you don’t need to have each and every furniture piece be of a rough finish. There are surfaces that are heavily used such as dining tables and chairs that will be more easily cleaned with a smooth finish. So the rough accents will be shown through the sofas, coffee tables etc.

When you are creating a rustic style room, you have to think about how to use earth colours exclusively so that it instantly gives that feeling. Exposed wood will be seen in areas of the home other than furniture as well such as panelling and wooden beams. You can also see a lot of natural stone accents. This can be utilized in the fireplace or you can use it in the kitchen area as well. Natural stone can be used for countertops. Think about how you can place plants along with the furniture. Maybe some greenery can be on the coffee table or on the end tables. You can also bring the same theme to the flooring such as mats. You can use wool or jute rugs. These can be used in conjunction with furniture.

Think about how you can complement your furniture using materials like canvas and burlap. There can be wall hangings that can be an art piece which ties into the theme. Distressed wood can be used on the ceiling or the floor. You can also use touches of metal. When it comes to furniture such as cupboards, you can use metal for handles or legs. Look for metal with a patina that gives a sense of its age which will go beautifully with distressed timber furniture. Some of the metals you can use are bronze, copper and brass.

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