How to Choose Clothing for Girls?

Choosing clothes for children can be exciting as there are so many fun prints and designs to choose from. If you are planning on buying clothing for your daughter or just looking for girls’ clothing to give as a gift, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you choose.

There are so many options when it comes to cute girl clothes. You have a lot of options when you shop online as well. But you should have a good idea of the sizes. So if you want some inspiration about shopping for girls’ clothing, you can start with a colour theme first. Even if you have two daughters, they might have different preferences when it comes to colours. When choosing colours, you have to keep in mind that you are collecting items to create outfits by mixing and matching them. You can select a colour scheme along with neutrals that will help you mix and match. The neutrals can be worn by more than one child but the pops of colour will be from their own colour scheme. Also, sticking to this scheme will make it easy to coordinate outfits when it comes to family photos.

Kids are notorious for getting into mischief and there will be more than one stain on their clothing at all times. To prevent the stains from being very visible, you can select dresses and pants in brighter or darker colours. Keep only a few light coloured items to use when required. You also have to consider your child’s sensitivities to fabric. Some might feel a certain fabric is too scratchy or tight. This will make them even more uncomfortable if they are wearing the clothes all day. The type of fabric is more important than the design of the clothing item as this is what contributes to your child’s comfort. Check if it feels good on your skin. You can also stick to natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, linen etc. Also, it is best to select clothes that don’t need to be ironed all the time as you will be very busy as a parent.

Go with classic shapes for dresses and pants. You have to consider the details of the clothing. Fun items and decorative items will always be appreciated. The extra details are what make your child excited to wear the clothes. But when it comes to very young children, make sure all the decorative details are tightly attached to the clothing so that it doesn’t pose a choking hazard.

You can also do small modifications to store brought clothing. For example, a little sparkly bow can be added onto the back or front of a dress. And look for different textures as well because it can add a little whimsy to the clothes. Consider how hardy the fabric is when it comes to washing. It is easier to select fabrics that can be machine washed for a long time without damage. You will find that stretchy fabrics tend not to do well after a few washes in the machine. So you can select non-stretchy options such as jersey knit.

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