How Never to Give Unwanted Gifts for Men?

Women constantly lament how difficult it is to find a suitable gift for a man. You will constantly hear women say, buying a gift for a woman is so easy, there are plenty of choices available, but not for men, it is not that easy. Or, could it be that women look at gift buying for men through a female lens, not quite understanding what in a gift excites men?

Although they will love you for your effort, men don’t appreciate long thought-out surprises as much as women do. So, if you are planning an elaborate surprise, stop for a moment and think if he is going to love the surprise as much as you. Stop making the gift buying process and the gift about you, and make it about him. Men appreciate practical, functional gifts while women love decorative items. If finding gifts for men seems a daunting task, you can reduce your level of stress by going through online shops to browse for possibilities, before deciding on something you think he will appreciate.

Be practical with your purchase by thinking about the pointers below.

What Does He Like

Start with observing his preferences and an understanding of his likes and dislikes. Look at what he already has as this can give you a clue about what to get him. Observe if he prefers a certain brand or a certain colour. If he has a favourite pair of shoes, you can consider getting a different colour of the same brand and style. Think about his hobbies and his work life, maybe there is something you can buy for him that will enhance his experience with one of these.   

Don’t Overthink

Women spend time thinking through minor details and sometimes over analysing, needs, wants, pros and cons more than what is necessary, we need to understand that men are more straightforward about what they want and what they like. So, adopt a practical approach when gift buying for him.

What Does He Spend His Money on

Observe what he likes to get for himself. If he is spending time and money on a hobby, it is important to him. A gift that adds to his collection or enhances his experience will be appreciated.

What Does He Spend His Time on

If he is spending a fair amount of time on a certain activity that can provide you with some clues about what you should buy for him. If he is someone committed to his fitness, buy something that will help him achieve his fitness goals. If he is someone who draws his identity from his work, buy him something that will help him with his work or something he can carry for his meetings.

The key to success is observation, to figure out what he needs. The idea for a gift can even come from a conversation he has had with you about something he wants to start on or is interested in why not buy him something that will get him started?

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