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Features to Look for in a Bathroom Fanlight

Bathroom fanlights provide an essential function by illuminating the space as well as ventilating it removing any moisture or unpleasant smells. This can contribute to a more functional and comfortable indoor space.

If you are planning to purchase a fan heat light bathroom, there are a few key features that you can look for so that you get the maximum benefit of the unit. Check the power of the motor so that you can ensure efficient ventilation of the space. The velocity of air movement should be considered before you make the purchase. By selecting an exhaust fan that has a high velocity of air movement, you can quickly remove odours and steam from the bathroom.    The placement of the duct outlet is another factor. There is more flexibility when it comes to installing a fanlight that has a side duct outlet.

Check whether the model comes with a draft stopper so that cold air is prevented from entering the bathroom when you are not using the fanlight. Some fanlights come with advanced features such as a thermostat switch. This is automatically activated if the internal temperature of the unit goes above a certain limit. This will ensure safe operation of the fanlight and overheating can be prevented. This will extend the durability of the fanlight.

There are fanlights integrated with an instant heat infrared lamp

So that it can remove moisture quite easily. This can also be useful in colder climates as heat will be directed to the user.  But if you are in a warmer climate, check whether you can purchase a fanlight with the fan-only option or setting. This way, the heating element will not be activated unless you require it. This will improve the comfort of the indoor environment and you can actually choose whether you need the setting or not based on the climate changes in your location.

There are fanlights that combine the exhaust fan with lighting so that illumination is provided from the unit as well. You can choose LED lighting so that energy consumption of the unit is reduced. Check the level of customisation possible with the fanlight. It is good if you can choose a unit with variable speed settings so that you can control the operation of the fan more effectively. You can choose the required fan speed depending on the situation and this can also contribute to energy efficiency.

You can also find fanlights that are equipped with humidity sensing technology

So that any change in humidity levels in the bathroom are detected by the unit, automatically activating the fan. This is a great way to prevent excess build-up of moisture in the bathroom and you will not need to manually switch the unit on. This way, you will not forget to use the unit and the bathroom can be kept dry and odour free. Check whether the fanlight come with a user-friendly control interface including features such as clear indicators and easily understandable settings.

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