Different Types of Hats

Hats have always been a fashion accessory that is functional as well as gives a certain aesthetic. And there are so many different types of hats available that it can take you a long time to document them all. But in this article, we are going through some of the common hat styles you have come across along with a sprinkling of a few unique hats.

Baseball caps are very versatile and it is a style that suits everyone. It is also known by many names and one of these names is the ball cap. And trucker hats have a bit of similarity to baseball caps but the names come from being used by agricultural workers and truckers when it was first introduced. It is also called a mesh cap. The difference between a trucker hat and a baseball hat is that a trucker cap has a much broad surface in the front. Also, there is a plastic mesh at the back of the trucker cap. It has become more and more popular today because it has become a part of streetwear and it has been endorsed by many celebrities as well. You can wear it facing the front or back and both men and women can wear it and style it any way they want. Another variation of the baseball cap is the military or private cap. This comes with a flat top and a short brim. Cycling caps also have short brims but they can be flipped up or down when you need them. They are also quite soft caps. 

Balaclavas are considered a hat but they’re also a bit similar to a head wrap. It wraps around the head and neck. This leaves only your face exposed. You can find them in different types of fabric even though they were originally made of wool. The boater hat is characterized by the round wide brim and flat top. You can style this with jeans and a checkered shirt and used in place of a fedora. It was made of straw when first introduced and has remained in the fashion spotlight since. If you find a hat that has a pom pom, it is called a bobble hat. There are a few variations of this.

The bowler hat is an iconic hat especially in period movies. It is a hard felt hat that comes with a round crown. The brim is quite narrow. This is also called a derby hat in men’s fashion even though you will something different when it comes to derby hats. You can use this hat in formal attire. If you love historical and action movies, you will see many boonie hats in movies that are related to Vietnam war. This cap is made out of cotton or polyester and it is a soft cap that has a wide brim. The crown is flat and the hat also comes with a chin strap. As the hat is soft, it can be folded and tucked away when you don’t need it. The lifeguard hat is a variation of this bookie cap and it is made out of straw to improve breathability. The brim slopes down to shade the face from sunlight.

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