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Common Washing Machine Problems and How to Fix Them

Washing clothes manually by hand is such a taxing chore. It takes so much of your time and effort just to clean a bunch of clothes and you’ll be tired by the end of doing it. A washing machine makes this household chore so easy and convenient. All you have to do is load your dirty clothes into the washer and it will be cleaned with just a few pushes of a button.

The washing machine is one of the mostly used appliance in any home. Through time, it will have some problems will need to be repaired or even replaced if the damage is too big for a repair. If you own a washing machine, here are some of the most common problems you’ll encounter and how to deal with them.

Appliance Not Responding

Normally, your washing machine would respond on the buttons and switches that your press. However, if one day your appliance suddenly doesn’t respond or turn on there’s no need to panic immediately. First, check the power supply to the appliance if it is functioning well. See if the appliance is plugged in properly, if the wires are all good, and if the outlet has a power supply.

If all of those conditions are met but the washing machine is still unresponsive, the problem could be inside the machine itself. It could be a problem with the control board which needs professional hands to be repaired or replaced. Trust only the best companies if you need professional washing machine repairs in Perth and other nearby areas.

Not Spinning

Spinning is an essential part of a normally functioning washing machine. The spinning motion in the drum is necessary to clean the clothes and without it, the clothes won’t come out really clean. A lot of washing machines don’t spin when its door is not properly closed so be sure to check it first.

If there’s nothing wrong with the door, then it could be a problem on the motor belt. The motor belt can get loose or broken through time. Usually when it is broken, the motor will continue to run but there will be no spinning motion in the drum. There are still plenty of other causes for this problem making it a good reason to just call a repairman to deal with it.

Overfills or Doesn’t Fill with Water

A washing machine that overfills or doesn’t fill with water poses a huge problem that needs to be repaired immediately. This problem is caused by a variety of factors such as faulty inlet valves, pressure switches, or even the main electronic control board. Because of its complexity, it is best to hire a repairman to solve the problem fast and avoid problems from getting worse.

Washing machines bring comfort and convenience to our daily life. Without a properly functioning washing machine, you won’t be able to have fresh and clean clothes effortlessly. When you sense that there’s something wrong with the appliance, be sure to get it checked by a professional immediately.

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