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Choosing a Reusable Coffee Cup

There are so many people that are fans of coffee and can’t do without their usual cup of coffee in the morning. There are so many coffee shops that cater to this need and allow the customers to order takeaway coffees for the commute or ride to work.

The problem with takeaway single use coffee cups is that the majority of them are not recycled even though they are marketed as disposable cups. This is because of the plastic lining in the coffee cup. The paper part will break down while this plastic lining will stay on for a very long time. Therefore, it is best to consider reusable takeaway coffee cups to carry out your coffee habit sustainably. Think about how much waste you are producing in disposable coffee cups only for one year. And then think about the large number of people that frequent cafes to do the same thing. You have to make a change starting with yourself. There are many different materials that you can consider when choosing a reusable coffee cup. You can actually use it for other things such as juices and smoothies as well.

Ceramic cups are very popular and you may have seen many different sizes and shapes that these cups come in. Ceramic will not affect the flavour of coffee and it is not an expensive option to consider. They are not heavy and you will be able to choose different designs based on your preference. But they can chip if they are not handled properly and they will not be able to keep the heat of the coffee for a long time. To ensure that the heat is contained, there are cups that come with lids. You can also use a heating pad to place the mug and ensure that it stays warm for a long time.

Stainless steel mugs are a very popular option when it comes to reusable coffee containers. They are portable and they are able to maintain the temperature of the coffee for a long time. They come with a double-wall design that will insulate the coffee and prevent heat from escaping quickly. The lid will also contribute to keeping the coffee warm for a long time.

You can look for a stainless steel cup that has been designed for travel where the bottom is quite thin allowing it to fit into the cup holders. Make sure that the lid is spill-proof so that it will not make a mess even if it falls to the ground. However, there is a small negative when it comes to stainless steel cups where the material can affect the flavour of the coffee after several uses. The finish of the material can wear down and this will change the flavour. There are stoneware mugs that you can use which are a durable option and they will not chip like the ceramic mugs.

There are unique handmade cups that will be beautiful items to display and use. But they also have the same issue that ceramic mugs face which is that they cannot keep the coffee warm for a very long time.

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